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Bar, Lounge & Pool

Fine artworks guide the way as you stroll past the reception, through to the Lounge, our Bar and the Pool area beyond

The sophisticated furnishings and spacious design featured throughout the hotel continue here, with splashes of Euro-classicism and modernist Cape flair. The elegant finishes and meticulous attention to detail create an air of timeless refinement and relaxation. The Bar and Lounge area at this hotel in Franschhoek is perfect for reclining after a long, active day of exploring.

Sip on one of our fine coffees or a selection of teas in the elegant lounge, or adjourn to the bar area alongside and be wowed by the choice of fine wines and cocktails available. Perfect for aperitifs with the setting sun as your backdrop, or drinks before you retire, you can be assured of attentive service whichever venue you choose.

Our bar has an exceptional wine list featuring the Cape’s most famous offerings, a colourful selection of refreshing cocktails and an outstanding range of brandies. The bar and lounge area flows gracefully onto the terrace.

Comfortably bedecked with elegant, stylish furniture, the outside areas offer astounding views of the Franschhoek Mountains and the sparkling swimming pool. This is the ideal place to experience the perfect ending to another sublime day at Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa.

Dining Options